Friday, 26 April 2019

Recently we had a sermon in church encouraging us to look like HIM walk like HIM , talk like HIM

I don't know any better way to do that than by hearing HIS voice

When do I hear him ?

  • I hear Him through His word, as I read it , meditate in it and allow it to become rhema to me 
  • I hear him through the voice of His Holy Spirit in my heart as become still and focus on Him 
  • I hear him through the preached word
  • I Hear him in praise and worship times 
  • I sometimes Hear him through the wise advice of others, or even what I might deem as  a chance remark that someone makes 
  •  I hear Him as I work in the kitchen ,drive along  in the car , as I sit or work in the garden...….actually everywhere and anywhere  as I allow him to break into my thinking.
What' s the point of this ?
Well its the difference between law and grace , religion and true spiritual Christianity,  that has been  known down the generations by people that walked with God and truly knew HIM

When we hear His voice we develop intimacy with Him . We come to know His heart about the  issues that we face in life …AND
His river of life is able to flow into us and through us an affects those around us

We fulfil the reason He came which was to restore our union with God which had been broken by the fall

When we teach people the course'4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice' it's such a joy to see people break through to being able to hear God easily every day of their lives if they want to.

Jesus said ....My sheep hear my voice , so if we don't hear is voice either we are not a sheep or we just don't know how to recognise His voice
Fortunately for most of the Christians that we know the latter is the problem ..they just don't know how to recognise when He speaks

Four simple keys can change that :

First of all write a question down such as 'Lord do you love me' , or 'Lord what do you want to say to me?'

1 Quiet yourself down ( find a quiet place ...worship  until your heart is still  and quiet)
2. Fix your eyes on Jesus (imagine Jesus with you...because its true that He is always with you  )
3. Tune to spontaneity ( listen the flowing thoughts in your mind)
4 Write ( write down what you think He is saying to you without worrying if its right or wrong )

Then afterwards you can look at it and ask yourself .

Is this biblical , OR is it the way we know God speaks with edification exhortation and comfort )
Does a friend who know Gods voice well agree with me that it's God speaking

If you can do this you will develop wonderful and priceless  intimacy with God.

If you can get to one of our courses ,(see our website  for our itinerary and useful materials that are available to purchase  )
If you cant do that you can Buy the Cd's or DVD's and a book from us
And.. look on Mark Virkler's web site where  there's a load of free material you can down load

One of the most helpful things you can get is a free download of  'The sea of Galilee '. Music to journal by. This will lead you into stillness and vision and facilitate you hearing HIM



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