Wednesday, 14 November 2018

new video on You Tube

If you log on to You Tube and Search for "My Story Margaret Cornell" there is a new video from "Christian TV" These are good friends of ours with a ministry in Christian Video. They have had a series on TV in the past and are producing a series of interview for Revelation TV. There are more videos from Margaret on You Tube if you search fir Margaret Cornell
Tony Cornell

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

what has happened in the last year?

It is time to catch up after a momentous year!

When I looked at my website I realise it’s over a year since I’ve put a blog on it. I thought that just won’t do! So here I am.

I have such a good report because I was diagnosed in October last year with lymphoma but I have been completely free of it for the last six months. If you’d like to read my testimony or listen to it you can go to my Facebook page called Margaret's journey to health and find a link to it there. I am so grateful and happy to be well . I took medical treatment but I know that Jesus healed me !

You will also find a link to some other preaching that I have done recently.

I’m just off to Barcelona to teach the four keys to hearing God’s voice in a church there. It’s an African church, a Nigerian pastor and we have very fond links to Nigeria

When I was unwell I was never idle …in the last year I’ve had 18 people who were taking the 4 keys course on line, contact me to evaluate their journaling . What a delight that has been . Knowing that people are eagerly seeking God and delight in in his voice

Generally ministry is back on track

Recently I spoke our home church in a Isleham on who we are in Christ

Two weeks ago I ministered healing in Stourport on Severn in a small Pentecostal church there

This coming weekend as I said I’m in Barcelona at the Word of Freedom International church . The 16-18th November

On the 24th November I’m ministering at the barn in Thrigby, Norfolk

On the 9th December I’m speaking at Sizewell Hall in Suffolk during a church holiday weekend …I feel a Christmassy message about the supernatural events around Jesus’ birth forming in my heart

I’m now waiting for confirmation of invitations to come for next year . We’re both eager to teach people to hear Gods voice