Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Dear Friends 
We have just taught the course 'Naturally Supernatural' at the Doncaster Chinese Christian Church ...the  same church where we went last year to teach  the 'Four Keys' course
These are very special people who are spiritually hungry and they have pastors Patrick and Sabrina who do everything they know to feed the sheep with the best spiritual food available. Pastor Patrick had translated the power point into Chinese and then translated for us as we spoke   
We spent the first session doing an overview of the four keys for the sake of those who had not previously completed that course. We got them all journalling and then the  next three sessions were  'Naturally Supernatural' . 
This course is a perfect follow-on from the 'Four Keys' ...the first one teaches you how to hear God and write down what he says,  and this one teaches you how to live out of the voice of God.
We always do the writing required during the course and I had some interesting experiences that I had not had previously when journaling.
What we do is ...

  •  1. Ask people to write down the question they are going to ask God to speak to them about 
  •  2. We get people to quiet themselves by quietly praying in the spirit or that they are poised to hear Him
  • 3. We ask them to fix their eyes on Jesus , imagining Him sitting next to  them in a comfortable and relaxed situation...maybe a gospel story or on the beach or somewhere of their choosing 

This activity we might compare to priming a pump where you have to put water in to get water out ... God the eyes of our hearts for him to take hold of and use to speak to us

  • We then write down what we believe God is saying by the still small  voice within,  trusting we can evaluate it afterwards    
   This is one of the Journalings  I had where God surprised me.
 I wrote …

"Lord I'm so happy to be teaching this truth because I want them to love you as I do with all of their hearts. You are so wonderful and so beautiful and you fill my life with such joy. I love your presence
It is the sweetest thing in this universe and the joy of my life. Thank you for being in my life as the wellspring of my existence".

We had  given people the same instructions as usual to see Jesus with them in a quiet place , in a peaceful place , but when  I saw Jesus as I fixed my eyes on him He took me to a very unusual venue a second he took me... as if  in a video.... through Gethsemane, his trial  and his crucifixion
Then He said
" Can you see the struggle I went through – the drops of blood that fell from me in the garden. Can you see the injustice of my trial and the pain of my crucifixion? That's how much I love you – that's how much this relationship means to me –
Always your spirit is willing to do what I say but sometimes your flesh is weak and sometimes the pressure of Satan puts upon you is very strong – but see that I have bought the victory for you to be free and live in my resurrection power – living my Resurrection life.
 It is a great reward for me to see the travail  of my soul and be satisfied. As I see you receiving my words and releasing them to others – There are actually no words that are adequate to describe how much I love you – the all consuming passion of my life has always been eternal  purposes which we fulfill together" 
 Then in another journaling time, I said 'show me where you are Jesus.  I had the clearest picture of Jesus standing on the water in the midst of the storm in Galilee, and I was right there with him standing there on the water holding his hands.

This is what he said: 
" Do you notice that I am not afraid of the winds and the waves because whatever happens I am above it – it doesn't have power over me. When I asked  you to come to me over the choppy waters of your life 'come' regardless of all that was going on around you because I knew that in me and with me you would be completely safe.
Because I am in you now together we walk above the waves. Yes , together– Fused together we have victory over all things.
Sometimes your mind disagrees with this truth so your mind has to be completely renewed to this truth so that it agrees with the reality that we have together.
See in my word where it says you have the mind of Christ ...that you can do all things because I strengthen you - that you are the head and not the tail, that you are complete in me - that you are seated in heavenly places - that you have all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge within you - that I have given you power over every power of the enemy.
Saturate your mind fresh with the truth so that your mind agrees completely with what I have said "
In another  journaling time which was about the difference between dead works and his works .that time the setting I saw Jesus in was more  ordinary - we were just sitting together.

He said: "There's a difference between natural works and dead  works. Think of when you were sweeping your kitchen floor and spoke in tongues for the first time. That moment it turned the natural activity into a spiritual one because you had the revelation that even though you hated housework you could love it if you did it for me. Your simple natural activity was transformed by revelatory thought that came to you by my Holy Spirit.
However if you want to specifically do something for me always be sure that it is born of the divine flow within you and not out of worldly thinking more of your own head.
Because your mind is greatly renewed and you know that you have my mind about many things, you do indeed think like me a great deal of the time - but even if an idea lights upon your mind make sure it has the backing of the flow of my spirit within you as you could get caught out in a dead work"
During the next time of journalling the question was
 ' Speak to me about Lord you releasing your supernatural power through me '
Earlier in the day my son Ben had sent me a little video of his children playing in the park and they were in a little play castle and his three year old  little boy Blaize was  pretending to sell ice cream through the castle window. As I closed my eyes to see where Jesus was:;I saw Jesus and I standing watching the.
He said:
" When the children were playing at selling and buying ice cream they were imitating things that they had seen before. As we see what they were doing with the eyes of the spirit we could almost see them performing a prophetic act. Blaize was giving away something that he couldn't see, something that he only had in his  his imagination. They were having fun and laughing and it wasn't a big deal for them.
When you want to grow in delivering my power be like those children. Just act out what you see me do in the scripture. Imagine it. See yourself doing it.
Never make delivering my power a big deal never make it intense  or serious, keep smiling and look at me – get my wisdom and get my perspective on it. After all it's not about you is it – it's about me – ALL about me, and you are simply to reach into the treasure house of my glory within you and by faith pull out what you need.
Read again the accounts of my miracles use your imagination and see yourself doing them - see yourself doing the greater works that I have called you to do" 

I was so blessed by the visions and the words  that I received during these days.
 Let  me encourage you to do the same: get quiet; fix your eyes on Jesus; ask and listen to what He wants to say to you .
 If what you receive agrees with the tenor of scripture and follows the rules of prophecy to be edification, exhortation and comfort, then more than likely you've heard from heaven !