Thursday, 6 July 2017

renewal of our blog post.


We are now putting some thoughts and news on a blog.
This page has existed unused for a few years but is now live.
We will email contacts with the address suggesting that they become followers of the blog.

Today I want to encourage you by telling  you some of the things that journaling has done for me.

Some of you may be wondering..What on earth is this journaling?  And why should I learn how to do it and persist in making it a part of my devotional time with God?

Well...simply ... its hearing Gods voice and writing down what you hear Him say.
When I began to consider everything hearing Gods voice daily,  and journaling has done in my life,  in minutes I wrote this impressive list of what God has done for me though it :
  •      He's taken away fears  
  •      He’s cleansed and healed my heart 
  •      He’s shown me how to bring death to self effort
  •      He’s destroyed my sin consciousness
  • .    He’s revealed Gods unconditional acceptance of me  
  •      He’s taught me to live out of my spirit rather than  my         flesh
  •        He’s balanced my emotions
  •        He’s enables me to do mighty exploits
  • .      He’s kept my faith alive in waiting times  
  • .      He’s given me spiritual wisdom
  •        He’s enabled me to develop prophecy
  • .      He’s helped me to understand mysteries
  • .      He’s renewed my mind
  • .      He’s changed my focus in horrible situations
  • .      He’s transformed my prayer life
  • .      He’s taken legalism out of my life
  • .      He’s made me more like Jesus
  •        He’s stopped me being discouraged and giving up in times of difficult  
  •       He’s given me direction
  •       He’s revealed his word to me deep
       I could go on’s an impressive work of the Holy Spirit isn’t it?    
If you are interested in follow up there are 3 ways to proceed.
    •   Go to our web site and book a seminar.
    •  Buy the DVD's and LEARN booklets. (£35 for set. and £5 each)
    •  Buy the "4 keys to Hearing God's Voice" book (£11)         

Be Blessed                                                   Margaret Cornell

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